Do what makes you happy

Easy to say right? How do I even know what makes me happy. If you haven’t come across any such task, hobby or work that keeps your mind at peace and soul content, then keep looking. Learn a new leadership skill, take a short random course, learn a craft from a friend, volunteer for a social cause or take up an internship which has nothing to do with your existing study or work background. When you step our of your comfort zone, you explore your options. Exploring options helps you discover yourself. At times you will be surprised by your own capacity to do things which you never thought you could do.

Take a leap of faith

So you think you are good at selling ideas, have crafty hands, write well, have a flair for photography or are great at allocating and delegating tasks. In your quest for discovering what makes you happy, you might find you are definitely not good at some things and not too bad at others. There might be that one thing you keep thinking about, something that your brain keeps generating ideas about and makes you want to look forward to the upcoming day. Once you figure out that one thing which interests you the most and keeps you motivated, take a leap of faith (in your heart just yet).

It is very important to prepare your heart and mind for the big step. I personally prefer taking ‘calculated risks’, consider all your available options, decide the metrics and variables, calculate what is the best and the worst that can happen, prepare for the worst. But, yes, at times all your calculations will fail and the most you can do is to trust your gut and take the plunge. Chalk out your plan and back-up plans, have a long term vision.

Follow your dreams while you are young

This in itself is not mandatory. It just ensures you are free of family responsibilities which tend to make you fear financial instability. What is that you want the most in life -money, success, happiness? Let me tell you a secret, pursue happiness -the rest will follow.

For many of us even taking risks at an early age can be daunting. But, to be honest, things only become scarier when you have dependents whose lives are at stake while you pursue your heart. It is always a good idea to start failing and learning from your mistakes early.

Ignore people who demotivate

There will be people who will intentionally or unintentionally demotivate you. There will be people who think you are crazy, who will say it is not the norm, there is no market for your idea, you will fail, you do not possess the money or skill for it. Do not take it to heart. If you really believe in your idea and are enthusiastic about making things happen, then let the discouraging remarks flee past by your ear. For some of us, the demotivating remarks just resound back as ‘watch me’.


Pitch your ideas and try connect with like-minded people. The more open you are about voicing your opinions, the more chances you incur for finding the right support. Build solid work relationships and keep a constant look out for the people who believe in making things happen.

Make a difference in the society

No matter what you do and wherever you head, make it a point to bring about some positive change in the society. It may not seem substantial at first, but as you keep going forth, you will witness a ball rolling. After all, what is the point of doing anything at all if is not helping anyone around you -including yourself.

Have a story to tell

And while you pursue your passion, you will encounter several people, experiences and surprises along the way. Take a different route on your way back to home, buy from a new vendor in town, talk to a random person on the street (this does not at all imply you put yourself in a dangerous or vulnerable position), but yes do it once in a while. You will be pleasantly surprised by your findings and will have a happening story to tell when you grow old.

Thinking along the same lines? Share your thoughts or drop in a comment. It does not hurt to say a word or two :)

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Fail Gracefully ~!

It took me a long while to understand how to do so. Everybody fails. No one is perfect. 

You are never too old to ‘Not Fail’

Age is just a number. Nobody can guarantee wisdom at a certain age. And even if you are the wisest person on earth, who said that you can not fail? It is an essential part of learning, in fact, an essential part of any process.

At age 10, I would think I am the eldest sibling, I am supposed to be a perfect role model, I should not make mistakes. Aged 15, I’d think the same -look how old I am, people around me are so clever, how come do I still make a fool of myself. When will I be ‘just perfect’. The same story continued over the years until I looked back and realized how far I have come. Yes, I made mistakes, I was naive, I embarrassed myself over and over again at so many instances in life. But, hey, look at me now -look at how I managed to get back up after all those falls. And if I fall again, I will try be easy on myself and fall more gracefully. There is no need to take the burden, of this world’s expectations of me, on my shoulders.

Take ownership

It is very embarrassing to do so right? After all those years of learning and experience, how can I fail. My parents look up to me, my siblings look up to me, my team looks up to me, my spouse , my children, and the list of expectant eyescarries on. What will they think of me if I own up to my mistake? Will I be any less reliable, less considered for the upcoming promotion? All this is very daunting.

But, the next time you fail, take a deep breath and try admit to yourself that you have made a mistake -that you have failed. There could be a thousand factors and circumstances that contributed to your failure, but all you need to do is take responsibility. A simple ‘I miscalculated the budget‘ or a simple ‘I missed the deadline‘ is enough as a statement to take ownership. As soon as you say to your colleagues/manager ‘I miscalculated the budget because I was overworked, misguided etc’, you have made an excuse. It certainly is very important to reflect upon the factors which contributed towards your failure (let’s talk about it in detail in another post), but taking ownership is the foremost action that leads to a ‘better fall’.

You haven’t really failed 

Oh yes, I have. I have certainly failed. I have let down thousands of people in my life who matter to me. But, let me remind you of a fundamental truth –you haven’t really failed, you have just discovered ways which do not work. Sounds familiar? Cliche’d? Think again.

Of all those times you failed over and over and over again, were you making the same mistake all that while? If so, then you did not really learn from your experience. Learning from your past is the way forward. But, if you have made this far in life, means you did learn a few lessons and made changes along the way in your attitude and decision-making. And that, is all you require to increase your chances of success in the future. Sounds good? Keep reading.

Short-term pessimism

It is alright to be sad and pessimistic, but only for a short while. What is a ‘short-while’ you ask. Well, it is obvious you had higher expectations of yourself and now that you have failed, you will be upset and beat yourself about it. There is no solution as such in sight and the world around is crumbling down, of course, there will be hopelessness and misery. But, let that be only for the short term. Embrace the sadness and loss, but be a long-term optimist. Yes things look gloomy for the while, but you have a goal in mind. You have discovered what does not work. This means there is something which would work. All you need to do is focus and try again -chances are you will make a more ‘informed decision’ this time around. Be a short-term pessimist, but a long-term optimist.

Wear your failure as a ‘Badge of Honour’

Failure tends to leave us broken and skeptical about ourselves and our decisions. Let not failure take you down that path. Be proud of the actions you took -the decisions you made in the face of dire situations, the changes you made, the truth you uncovered and the shackles you manged to rattle (if not break). How else will you know and discover, if you do not move forth courageously despite the risk of losing all you have. What is the point of doing anything at all, if you have not given your best to it. And while you give it your all, you risk an epic failure, or give chance to an epic success. Wear your failures as a ‘Badge of Honour’ – it just shows you tried while thousands around you chose to be lazy or ignorant. Let is be so that when you look back at your life, you are amazed by what you managed to do, the risks you took. It is always better to have stories to tell, than have nothing daring on your plate to share when you grow old.

Stay Foolish

Not the foolish who makes the same mistakes forever, but the foolish who fails frequently and differently each time around. It is difficult to regain composure after an epic fall, but if you fail gracefully and understand that this failure is just a part of the process, you will manage to get back up and smile back at the world as a better, more informed and a stronger person.

If you have anything related to share, I would love to hear back from you. Stay strong!

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7 Ways to get back up after failure

“It is not about the fall, it is about how you get back up”

So it seems like the world around you is coming to an end, the walls around you are tightening, all your plans and back up plans have failed. There is misery, hopelessness and no sight of future. The road ahead seems heavily fogged and you feel as if you have been chained to a stagnant position -now what?

Bad News

The bad news is that there is no one in the world to fix it all for you. Yes, people can sympathize, empathize and try help, but there is nothing anyone can do about your current state.

Good News

The good news is that you have not always been like this. Not like you have been miserable and depressed throughout your life. This means there is hope to regain the state you were in before falling into a deep pit of endless failures and misery.

Different things work for different people. It seems obvious that after all the circumstances you have been through, you can not ever be the same person again -which essentially is not a bad thing. As long as you want to feel better and/or be better, there is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel -you are just unaware of it at the moment. All you need to do is to trust the process or the Creator of this ‘process’ if you believe in one.

Here are some things you can do right away to regain some energy and get back up.


Though it may seem counter intuitive to even the most believing among us, just give it a try. Try have a chat with your Creator. Tell Him everything from the start -just like you would talk to a friend, a confidante. Yes, he already knows everything, but try talking it all out. There is a liberating feeling to it. With no one to judge you on your specific words while you talk or to make assumptions on why you did what you did, you eliminate the chances to be embarrassed or exploited later.

For those who do not believe in a God, I recommend to start discovering the possibility. Meanwhile, you can try one of the following.

Cry it out

Though crying is not what most macho men and women prefer, but it is a proven anti-depressant. It relieves emotional stress. I don’t think anyone can claim to have never cried in their lives -you did cry as a baby now didn’t you? :)

Yes, you can cry it all out alone , by yourself, as much as you want. I prefer crying alone though. If crying in front of a friend or a therapist works for you -do it! Just be careful about the negative consequences that might arise with someone knowing your weaknesses.

Talk to yourself

This may or may not come naturally to you. Some people find it creepy. Talking to yourself helps you better understand yourself. Reflecting back on your life events, your actions and reactions to various circumstances reveals some interesting data and facts about your personality, strengths and weaknesses. Once you are aware of your weaknesses, you can work upon them. Whereas, strengths you can use to your advantage.

Pep talk

For some of us, pep talks are the way to go. Having a close friend, family member or a therapist give you emotional support helps you feel motivated and back on track. For the ones who find pep talks useless, it doesn’t hurt to try – really.

Travel alone

Go on a trip all by yourself. Even if you can not afford one, try visiting a nearby place on foot or cheapest conveyance possible. This not only gives you a break from your depressive and mundane routine, but also helps you feel in control -in control of your own self, your own life. Going around solo gives you confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Meeting a variety of people, collaborating or interacting with them gives you insight into the world you exist in. Life more than often is not as rosy for many of us. You are definitely not the only one facing obstacles and misery.


Volunteering for a social cause gives you a sense of gratification. The realization of being useful to someone out there gives meaning to your life. Moreover, witnessing people who are not as privileged helps you reconsider your priorities in life. It makes you more empathetic and understanding -which if you are aware, is a favorable trait for any future leader.

Do what you CAN do

It might seem you have lost all your zeal and there is nothing at all to look forward to. The ground below you might be rendering you unstable. Nothing might mean anymore to you. But, you are still breathing aren’t you. At this very moment, there might just be a teeny bit you can do. May it be writing down your emotions or taking your dog out for a walk, may it be as small as fixing a leaking tap or helping a neighbor in need, may it be updating your resume or teaching someone a skill you posses. Do what you can do right now. Taking a small step towards an action, leads to further smaller steps -eventually leading to a series of actions and accomplished goals. Your day will not look wasted and gloomy. The first step is the hardest, but definitely not impossible.

If you have more tips on how to get back up from a depressive rut, i would love to hear back from you in the comments below. Just remember, you are in the situation for a reason, you are a brave soul very much capable of escaping the gloom, keep strong -the sun will shine through Insha’Allah.

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The all new Baby Shoot deal is up guys!

Kids don’t stay tiny for long. Preserve those precious toddling years by availing our limited time offer BABY SHOOT. Plus you get to WIN Rs.30,000/-

* Get your baby photographed by us in August
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* The photograph with most likes WINS Rupees Twenty Thousand in cash!
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Email on or Inbox us on facebook for the easy on the pocket baby shoot details!

Baby shoot Contest

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Sweet Memories ~!

After a long time I encountered such a sweet family. From bride’s parents to brothers and sisters, each member was keen on making things just perfect for the young bride. They knew what they wanted and chose Nida for the big day :)

Though it was a hectic day for me since I had to travel out of station to attend a friend’s wedding in the morning (as a guest ofcourse ;p) and had a Mehndi event to shoot the same night. I was on such a  tight schedule that I had no time at all to get the makeup off or change my blingy dress -for which I was complimented by the bride’s mother though. And the Mehndi event started with a bang. It was one of the few events that are so well managed. Hats off to the family!

As I was going around taking candid shots, one of the bride’s sisters came up to me with a flower bangle saying, ‘We got this one specially for you’. That is the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed as a photographer. I always thought  having a ring or bangles in my hands would definitely harm my lens or camera, but to my surprise I comfortably shot with jewellery on -best of which was the flower bangle ofcourse :) it held the love and sweetness of the family I was a part of that night.

Flower Bangle

Flower Bangle

The very next morning shot the Baraat with the bride looking sooper cute coping up with the shy groom. Had an awesome couple shoot and event coverage with ever cooperative family members. And just when the Rukhsati part arrived, the groom stood beside the bride and her family wondering how he should react -which I found totally cute. Though I have seen several Rukhsati’s and shot around while family gets emotional on the bride leaving, this one in particular was very touching.

Mothers are usually all tears throughout the event. We have all seen our daddies being strong and never crying, but then when she left, her dad sobbed hugging his brother. This was one of the most heart wrenching sights -the pretty little Daddy’s princess was not going to be home to be catered for by her dad. It got me teary eyed too -Indeed one of the hardest phases for parents to let go off their kids. But then yes, for the better.

I have some of the sweetest shots of the bride’s brothers at Rukhsati. I am sure they will laugh off hysterically a few years from now seeing themselves all tears and would rather tease their sister saying ‘Acha hai hamari jaan chooti ;)’ Ah, brotherly love – I have never felt one, but have definitely witnessed a gazillion times over.

If you wish to get your BIG day covered, do drop us a line at ‘’ with your event dates and venues. And ofcourse latest uploads right here on my fan page ->

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By far the coolest photo shoot you have ever come across?

Just when I was grumping about nothing at all , a bubbly email made my day. It was apparently from a fan who had been around since I took off as a professional wedding photographer. Though I had to cancel my Karachi trip for her shoot, but it was surely worth it!

The couple was as enthusiastic about a ‘different’ shoot as I was about making it ‘unique’ for them – this is what I call a wedding photographer’s paradise :D The couple was up for anything as long as I made it all stand out for them.

Though we could not meet up prior to the event due to a short notice, but we could sense a sync as soon as we met. The bride was sooper cute and seemed to give in to the groom’s enthusiasm about the edgy shots. The sweetest part was the smile on the grooms face on seeing his bride :) When there is love, it reflects from the eyes and afterall love is all that matters~!

Every shot reflected the immense connection this couple withheld. Hats off to the couple who agreed to implement my crazy ideas! Totally love them for being a sport! And ofcourse, not to forget the ever helpful best man who would gladly run back and forth (to be honest, that is what all best men are for ;)

And guess what? Nida gives them not only amazing photographs, but also fun memories to cherish for ages to come. A comment I received by the best man during the shoot: ‘This is by far the coolest photo shoot I have ever come across.’

Nida tends to hear the same over myriad weddings she shoots :) not bragging, but it is probably just because she comes up with something new each time around. Hence, it all being ‘cool’ and ‘unique’. Do check out uploads from this shoot on:

Nida’s photography is all about loads of fun, laughter and love~!

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We sure did surprise ’em, now didn’t we ~!

The Mughal theme shoot received a lot of appreciation. I can recall the faces of bride’s sisters when they came up to collect the albums. Were they surprised? You bet! ;)

The excited, smiling faces, the showering of appreciative words, the bombardment of ‘Thank you’ text messages later and most of all the happy bride ( settled abroad ). What else could I ask for, it is all an artist needs to keep going :)

Did Nida offer something unique this time around, yes she did. Have a look at the uniquely composed / edited shots.

Complete album can be viewed right here ->

And how couples totally love our unique flip cards! Customized flip card can be viewed right here ->

Finally, a unique album box designed for the lovely Mughal couple !! Isn’t it amazing !!

Mughal Album Box

If you have thought over your BIG day, have a dream of how it should be or on the very least wish for a very unique event – Nida is the right person to turn to. And of course, nothing happens automagically… Nida has been lucky in dealing with couples whose cooperation matches her enthusiastic self. Looking forward to more amazing shoots <3

Life is amazing MashAllah :) After several days of hard work, going to bed with aching muscles and yet smiling right before dozing off – truly signs of an individual who has taken a step towards finding himself , loves the life he has chosen and all that has been bestowed upon ~!

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