Do what makes you happy

Easy to say right? How do I even know what makes me happy. If you haven’t come across any such task, hobby or work that keeps your mind at peace and soul content, then keep looking. Learn a new leadership skill, take a short random course, learn a craft from a friend, volunteer for a social cause or take up an internship which has nothing to do with your existing study or work background. When you step our of your comfort zone, you explore your options. Exploring options helps you discover yourself. At times you will be surprised by your own capacity to do things which you never thought you could do.

Take a leap of faith

So you think you are good at selling ideas, have crafty hands, write well, have a flair for photography or are great at allocating and delegating tasks. In your quest for discovering what makes you happy, you might find you are definitely not good at some things and not too bad at others. There might be that one thing you keep thinking about, something that your brain keeps generating ideas about and makes you want to look forward to the upcoming day. Once you figure out that one thing which interests you the most and keeps you motivated, take a leap of faith (in your heart just yet).

It is very important to prepare your heart and mind for the big step. I personally prefer taking ‘calculated risks’, consider all your available options, decide the metrics and variables, calculate what is the best and the worst that can happen, prepare for the worst. But, yes, at times all your calculations will fail and the most you can do is to trust your gut and take the plunge. Chalk out your plan and back-up plans, have a long term vision.

Follow your dreams while you are young

This in itself is not mandatory. It just ensures you are free of family responsibilities which tend to make you fear financial instability. What is that you want the most in life -money, success, happiness? Let me tell you a secret, pursue happiness -the rest will follow.

For many of us even taking risks at an early age can be daunting. But, to be honest, things only become scarier when you have dependents whose lives are at stake while you pursue your heart. It is always a good idea to start failing and learning from your mistakes early.

Ignore people who demotivate

There will be people who will intentionally or unintentionally demotivate you. There will be people who think you are crazy, who will say it is not the norm, there is no market for your idea, you will fail, you do not possess the money or skill for it. Do not take it to heart. If you really believe in your idea and are enthusiastic about making things happen, then let the discouraging remarks flee past by your ear. For some of us, the demotivating remarks just resound back as ‘watch me’.


Pitch your ideas and try connect with like-minded people. The more open you are about voicing your opinions, the more chances you incur for finding the right support. Build solid work relationships and keep a constant look out for the people who believe in making things happen.

Make a difference in the society

No matter what you do and wherever you head, make it a point to bring about some positive change in the society. It may not seem substantial at first, but as you keep going forth, you will witness a ball rolling. After all, what is the point of doing anything at all if is not helping anyone around you -including yourself.

Have a story to tell

And while you pursue your passion, you will encounter several people, experiences and surprises along the way. Take a different route on your way back to home, buy from a new vendor in town, talk to a random person on the street (this does not at all imply you put yourself in a dangerous or vulnerable position), but yes do it once in a while. You will be pleasantly surprised by your findings and will have a happening story to tell when you grow old.

Thinking along the same lines? Share your thoughts or drop in a comment. It does not hurt to say a word or two :)


About nidarashidphotography

Nida Rashid is a female photographer based in twin cities of Pakistan
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