Sweet Memories ~!

After a long time I encountered such a sweet family. From bride’s parents to brothers and sisters, each member was keen on making things just perfect for the young bride. They knew what they wanted and chose Nida for the big day :)

Though it was a hectic day for me since I had to travel out of station to attend a friend’s wedding in the morning (as a guest ofcourse ;p) and had a Mehndi event to shoot the same night. I was on such a  tight schedule that I had no time at all to get the makeup off or change my blingy dress -for which I was complimented by the bride’s mother though. And the Mehndi event started with a bang. It was one of the few events that are so well managed. Hats off to the family!

As I was going around taking candid shots, one of the bride’s sisters came up to me with a flower bangle saying, ‘We got this one specially for you’. That is the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed as a photographer. I always thought  having a ring or bangles in my hands would definitely harm my lens or camera, but to my surprise I comfortably shot with jewellery on -best of which was the flower bangle ofcourse :) it held the love and sweetness of the family I was a part of that night.

Flower Bangle

Flower Bangle

The very next morning shot the Baraat with the bride looking sooper cute coping up with the shy groom. Had an awesome couple shoot and event coverage with ever cooperative family members. And just when the Rukhsati part arrived, the groom stood beside the bride and her family wondering how he should react -which I found totally cute. Though I have seen several Rukhsati’s and shot around while family gets emotional on the bride leaving, this one in particular was very touching.

Mothers are usually all tears throughout the event. We have all seen our daddies being strong and never crying, but then when she left, her dad sobbed hugging his brother. This was one of the most heart wrenching sights -the pretty little Daddy’s princess was not going to be home to be catered for by her dad. It got me teary eyed too -Indeed one of the hardest phases for parents to let go off their kids. But then yes, for the better.

I have some of the sweetest shots of the bride’s brothers at Rukhsati. I am sure they will laugh off hysterically a few years from now seeing themselves all tears and would rather tease their sister saying ‘Acha hai hamari jaan chooti ;)’ Ah, brotherly love – I have never felt one, but have definitely witnessed a gazillion times over.

If you wish to get your BIG day covered, do drop us a line at ‘nidarashidphotography@gmail.com’ with your event dates and venues. And ofcourse latest uploads right here on my fan page -> https://www.facebook.com/NidaRashidPhotography


About nidarashidphotography

Nida Rashid is a female photographer based in twin cities of Pakistan
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