By far the coolest photo shoot you have ever come across?

Just when I was grumping about nothing at all , a bubbly email made my day. It was apparently from a fan who had been around since I took off as a professional wedding photographer. Though I had to cancel my Karachi trip for her shoot, but it was surely worth it!

The couple was as enthusiastic about a ‘different’ shoot as I was about making it ‘unique’ for them – this is what I call a wedding photographer’s paradise :D The couple was up for anything as long as I made it all stand out for them.

Though we could not meet up prior to the event due to a short notice, but we could sense a sync as soon as we met. The bride was sooper cute and seemed to give in to the groom’s enthusiasm about the edgy shots. The sweetest part was the smile on the grooms face on seeing his bride :) When there is love, it reflects from the eyes and afterall love is all that matters~!

Every shot reflected the immense connection this couple withheld. Hats off to the couple who agreed to implement my crazy ideas! Totally love them for being a sport! And ofcourse, not to forget the ever helpful best man who would gladly run back and forth (to be honest, that is what all best men are for ;)

And guess what? Nida gives them not only amazing photographs, but also fun memories to cherish for ages to come. A comment I received by the best man during the shoot: ‘This is by far the coolest photo shoot I have ever come across.’

Nida tends to hear the same over myriad weddings she shoots :) not bragging, but it is probably just because she comes up with something new each time around. Hence, it all being ‘cool’ and ‘unique’. Do check out uploads from this shoot on:

Nida’s photography is all about loads of fun, laughter and love~!


About nidarashidphotography

Nida Rashid is a female photographer based in twin cities of Pakistan
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