A surreal, emotional experience ~!

The day I was to deliver the album for A n M’s couple shoot, I was super excited! The days I had put into creating a unique package, the fine details I had catered for and the ‘surprise elements’ – I could not wait to see how my clients would like it.

As they unveiled the album, I could see the glint in their eyes – as glittery and glamorous as the Album box itself. ‘This is just a start’ – I smiled.

The album did not fail to make them smile, their memories associated with the BIG day accompanied by the most contemporary style of presentation made them awe in surprise. Each spread inside was uniquely designed and was captivating enough to hold their attention on each photographs for quite a few minutes.

And this was not all, the fascinated couple flipped a card to view two different images. ‘This is amazing! – how could you come up with an idea so unique Nida? ‘ -they remarked.

As ‘M’ slid out a glossy book from the envelope, she held her breath, this couldn’t be -it was her very own personalized magazine! The astonished couple went speechless as they saw their picture on the front page – truly glamorous, isn’t it – to be the featured couple! You can view A n M’s package right here -> https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.182699745114008.68993.136932533024063&l=e338008405&type=1

I could see the bride smiling helplessly. ‘I feel like crying’ -she said with dewy eyes ‘This is beautiful!’ I had to hug her to make her believe that this is for real. The groom smiled on seeing his bride so absolutely happy. ‘This is worth a million Nida…’ -he said.

Throughout the meeting I saw a variety of emotions across the couples faces. It was truly surreal- an emotional experience ~!

Nida might just as well be right about her work being a true reflection of your dreams. And when an artistĀ  has a part of his heart and soul into his creation, this is how it touches lives. A surreal, emotional experience -one to remember for a lifetime ~!


About nidarashidphotography

Nida Rashid is a female photographer based in twin cities of Pakistan
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