Absolute Love

Sheer excitement on hearing my first client MH is coming over to collect her album!

Since MH is a designer herself, I thought a designer album is what she’d like. And guess what, she loved it. The best part was when she hugged me saying how she absolutely loves her album!

It is an awesome feeling – the fact that your creation is bringing a smile to one’s face, is spreading love!

It is actually your heart and soul out there -your creation. For weeks this album was in the processing. I had a plan laid out. And each day there would be an addition to it. I spent 6 hours straight on just putting up pictures on it. And several days to give it the the final look. All this while it adorned my bedside. It may sound weird, but it is like an attachment you feel towards your baby. Absolute love!

Nothing better than a satisfied and happy client. A lovely person, an awesome designer -MH. It was a pleasure to be a part of her BIG day!


About nidarashidphotography

Nida Rashid is a female photographer based in twin cities of Pakistan
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4 Responses to Absolute Love

  1. Rehman Malick says:

    That is pretty slick! congrats on your first client, I’m really glad you’ve finally started to do this.

  2. mahin says:

    Thank you Nida for a wonderful album:)
    Your enthusiasm is most definitely contagious!
    Keep up the good work.


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