First Paid Shoot

I have been photographing my friends weddings since 2008 with an intent of learning the tool (camera) and getting the hang of highs and lows of a wedding event. My friends and ‘friends of friends’ have seen me around with my Canon S5 IS since around 2 years. It wasn’t until end of last year when I got my first SLR.

A high school friend of mine contacted me to shoot her brother’s Valima in March (event coverage), and she was happy to pay me for it. This happened to be my first paid shoot ever. My excitement was beyond words. On inquiring about the venue, my friend replied ‘I don’t even know if there is going to be a stage Nida’.*blink blink* so yes, the photographer was expecting the couple to be seated on plain chairs with the guests on dining tables. Afterall, Valima event is just about dinner ain’t it?

I reached the venue a bit early to set my stuff up. ‘Entrance to achi hai Nida… oh agay to tent hai’ -I thought as I walked over. As soon as I stepped into the ‘tent’, my eyes widened in surprise (just how they show in cartoons) and I gaped as I turned my head left to right. The arrangement was beautiful. All Gold. Carpeted pathway lined with candles on flower stands, humongous mirrors on far east and far west, and a lovely stage!

I wasn’t expecting this -at all.

And as I made my way back to the entrance, a beautiful lady in gold walked in with a handsome prince charming by her side. I couldn’t help being soooooper excited! This is going to be a memorable event. My first paid shoot -what a start!

The couple was fantabulous! They reminded me of fairy tales and the fact that love does exist -for real.

I shot the event -mostly taking candid photographs, group shots and a few posed ones. The crowd seemed very cooperative. I shot as the joyous couple laughed, received guests and even when they cornered from the lot for a ‘secret’-talk  ;)  It is just so much fun preserving moments and knowing that you were there for the couple in their happiness.

Meanwhile, I also got to know that I am being hired for another engagement shoot the very next day.  Of course, this meant little sleep at night, with next shoot preparations: pictures transferring, batteries charging and eyes wide open with ‘great ideas’ for the unconventional couple (I shall blog about it soon).

It made me smile all along. I had been dreaming of it since I graduated from FAST (not to forget a CS grad). It was happening…and the feeling made me dizzy. I loved the buzz – high on pure ambition!

It is absolutely amazing -to get to do what you love…to live your dreams ~!


About nidarashidphotography

Nida Rashid is a female photographer based in twin cities of Pakistan
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4 Responses to First Paid Shoot

  1. Bisma says:

    I’m not saying this coz she’s a friend but at my wedding in 2009, the best picture of the event was taken by Nida and not the professional photographer, whom we paid for the job!! Wish I could somehow upload the pic here to show u how good it is :)
    You rock nida! All the best!!!

  2. Samer Tufail says:

    Despite being a noob of the highest degree……she managed to do all that /clap

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